Home Counselling (limited area)

Are you short of time and need Ingrid’s services to come to you? We now offer a ‘come-to-you’ service, where we’ll come to the comfort of your home – including weekends.

Locations include: Northern beaches only.

Ingrid has recognised that with the constant ongoing pressures and stress of every day life that home visits to people who need help with their issues can be of huge benefit.

“It allows my clients to come together in a more comfortable space and with relationship or family counselling the ease of not having to be somewhere together enables more flexibility and relieves the stress of ‘appointments’”.

Ingrid has been offering this service privately for several months to some of her existing clients and it has proven to be very successful especially with couples.

Call Ingrid on 0416 159 576 for a complimentary chat to see how we can work together and get you back to feeling like yourself again.

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