Relationships are essential to psychological and emotional wellbeing. However relationships can be complex and it can be difficult to sustain a harmonious one.

Whatever the situation is between yourself and your partner we provide you with different styles of therapy to help you through. We do not judge or give advice in our sessions, we just help you to make the right choices for positive outcomes no matter where it ends.

We also offer parenting advice/education on how to make the transition to the changed family dynamic easier and less stressful for the everyone involved. This at times can be fraught with difficulties but here at IM Counselling & Psychotherapy we endeavour to make this an OK time for yourselves and your kids.

Mediation & coaching is also available through the practice.

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Anxiety & Depression

Stress, worry fear and panic describe typical anxiety. They affect your mood, self-esteem and quality of life. Depression is a serious condition and is often

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