Ingrid is an excellent counsellor. We have found her to be a careful listener, an insightful observer and a decisive and caring advisor. Dialogue with Ingrid has enabled us to fully discuss and understand issues and then move along the road towards worth while goals. We strongly recommed her.
We started couples counselling with Ingrid 6months ago . My partner and I had just had a baby and our relationship had reached rock bottom. We were at a loss of what to do but knew that Couples Counselling was the next step otherwise we would possibly have to separate. What really attracted us to her service was that she came to our home on the weekend and with a young baby that was a huge benefit as co-ordinating babysitters and after hours visits would have proved exhausting. Through weekly counselling and dedication from Ingrid who addressed our issues with care and sensitivity we started to get to a place where our relationship started to improve. Ingrid’s skills were not doubt our saviour although she constantly praised and reassured us during the process that we were doing all the work. Now 5 months later I can honestly say that my partner and I and our little baby ( now 1) are a happy loving family with a lot to look forward to in the future. I would recommend Ingrid to anyone who is having difficulties in their relationship as she enabled us to see what were actually had already which was love – we just needed to learn how to communicate that.
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My husband left me after 15years for a younger woman and I was left distraught, angry and lonely. Ingrid allowed me the space and the environment to start healing and her ability to listen and show empathy were invaluable. However it was her gentle encouragement and belief in me that finally helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Ingrid has been my counsellor/psychologist since March 2013. I was very depressed, unmotivated, listless and using drugs to medicate my feelings and all of this. Initially I thought it would never get better. It took me a while to trust myself and her in this situation. Once I started to believe this would work and trust her, I came to her once a week, sometimes twice, and told her everything about what had happened in the previous week or so. I found her comments and advice supportive and insightful. She had begun to know me and what would work for me and acted from that standpoint. We got ourselves to a stage where I could enter rehab and begin to work on my core beliefs and enmeshment with my parents that was leading to such resentment and difficulty in my life. After an initial rocky period in my recovery at South Pacific Private I emerged a new man leaving my co-dependency and defectiveness, perfection and grandiosity issues behind me, to move onwards and upwards in my life. I am now onto the next stage in my recovery and with Ingrids ongoing support, guidance and assistance I feel confident I will make the next right move.
Ingrid Montgomery has been treating our daughter for the last three months for an eating disorder, bulimia. During the course of our daughters treatment, Ingrid has also had regular sessions for me and my husband to help us have the tools to handle situations with her at home and in general. This has helped me immensely, through a very stressful time. Ingrid has been wonderful with her advice, but also her understanding and compassion from a parental point of view has been amazing. Our sessions will continue for sometime to come.
Ingrid has worked with my daughter who suffers from anxiety and has had some serious issues in regards to her behaviour around family members. We started therapy 15 months ago and the changes that have been implemented by Ingrid have been amazing. Ingrid did not only work with my daughter but at times involved different parts of the family to encourage better communication and understanding of the issues that were of concern. My daughter now after regular therapy has greatly improved and is found more safety within her family unit to disclose issues and has also learned how to communicate more effectively with family members. I would recommend Ingrid not just as an individual therapist but to families as well as her warm and encouraging style has created strong foundations within our family to build on and for all of us to be more united as a family.

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