About Ingrid

Ingrid employs a unique and integrated approach to counselling and does not believe in a single system intervention. Ingrid’s therapy is always collaborative and is based on understanding, hope and creating the possibility for change in a positive, safe and confidential environment.

Ingrid has trained in many different areas over her career and Relationship Counselling, Trauma/Domestic Violence and supporting couples through their difficulties are close to her heart. 

Ingrid also has a diverse interest in working with carers of people with eating disorders and parents of adolescents experiencing difficulties offering support, coping strategies and counsel to enable better outcomes for them and their families.

Ingrid’s collaborative therapy approach  includes working closely with her clients to encourage a trusting environment . This enables open communication and support as the client moves through their difficulties and provides optimism and hope for positive outcomes.

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  • Membership Australian Counselling Association.
  • ASIST – Suicide Prevention Certificate
  • Counsellor Royal Commission into Institutional responses to child sex abuse
  • Trauma Informed Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling
  • EAP Counselling

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